Maxx G from Houston, TX

The arcade pedestal was exactly what I was looking for. I had purchased a tankstick and was looking for a way to use it as it was intended. It should note that the pedestal is intended to be placed against a wall, which I did not realize at the time.

Surprisingly more impressive than even the product, the service on this site was really phenomenal. My emailed questions were typically answered within minutes and the staff (Wayne specifically) was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. 

I wanted to have a coin door on my pedestal but I had already placed the order without the door frame having a place for it. The staff was able to merge my order and include it in the original shipment without either charging me extra nor delaying the order. He pointed me to the exact item i needed for the coin door to work even though it wasn’t on this site.

Conversely the staff at xArcade was rather dismissive, took long to reply and generally came off like they don’t like their customers.

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